World Jewish Congress President Demands Montana Shut Down Stormer Nazi March on Whitefish!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 8, 2017

“Extravaganza” is not a word I use lightly.

The stinking rat Jews of the World Jewish Congress have demanded that the state of Montana act to crush the free speech of the white race, who they fear is standing up to their evil shenanigans!

Ronald Lauder, top Jewish weasel, released the following press statement on our planned march on Whitefish against the Jews, which is to take place on January 16th, a day internationally recognized as a celebration of the life of James Earl Ray.


World Jewish Congress President Ronald S. Lauder is demanding that authorities in Montana immediately put a stop to an armed march being planned by neo-Nazis in the town of Whitefish on January 15, calling it “a dangerous and life-threatening rally that puts all of America at risk.”

“When notorious and self-professed neo-Nazis announce that they are planning to march through a town carrying ‘high-profiled rifles’ in an action targeting ‘Jews, Jewish business, and everyone who supports either,’ the local authorities must respond with quick alarm and vigilance.

“This rally crosses the line between freedom of expression and incitement to hatred. The intention of these neo-Nazis is not just to send a political message – they are organizing a dangerous and life-threatening rally that puts all of America, including the local Jewish community, at risk. There has been an upturn of late in public expressions of anti-Semitism and hatred of the other. It is unacceptable, and unfathomable, that such incidents could happen in America.

“When neo-Nazis planned their march through Skokie in 1977, to spit in the face of Holocaust survivors, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled after months of debate that it would be unconstitutional to stop them. The counter-response was deafening: Only a few dozen Nazis came out to protest, met by hundreds of Jews and their supporters.

“But the circumstances in Montana, and in the America of today, are different. In Montana today, it is legal to openly carry a weapon. And the America of today has seen far too many mass and targeted shootings of innocent people, far too many expressions of violent bigotry and lethal hatred, to sit by quietly and debate the constitutional right of armed militants to march against the Jewish people and ‘anyone that supports’ them.

“All around the world, from the Jobbik Party in Hungary to the Golden Dawn in Greece, fascism is on the rise. Anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, and anti-Black incidents are jumping at alarming rates.

“Inflammatory rhetoric on the part of White Supremacists, whether targeting Jews, Blacks, Muslims or any other minority, can all too easily turn into incitement to violence and worse. ‘Constitutional’ hate speech can far too easily turn into unspeakable atrocities.

“We cannot allow the horrific massacres that occurred just recently – nine murdered in cold blood at a Charleston church, 49 lives ruthlessly wiped out at an Orlando night club – to replicate themselves in Whitefish. We must stop this rally from taking place and prevent a hate crime from happening before it even becomes a possibility. When we send the message that anti-Semitism is acceptable, it becomes acceptable. America is a beacon of tolerance – it cannot let itself become a beacon of hatred.”

The rally is being organized by The Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website, and is set to coincide with Martin Luther King Day. The World Jewish Congress, American Section, has sent a letter to Montana Governor Steve Bullock demanding that the rally be stopped.

So far, TOP CUCK Bullock has issued no such order. Presumably, because it is impossible.

We are well within our rights to march against these kikes – and march we shall!

Because, as of yet, we have been given no apology for the targeting of Richard Spencer’s mother by organized global Jewry.

But hey – if you had any question as to the whole “organized global Jewry” concept, then I guess that’s gone, huh?

Here you have the head of the preeminent global Zionist-Jew group, Ronald S. Lauder, rushing to defend a random Jewish extortion artist, Tanya Gersh, who has already been fired and has pending litigation against her for her racketeering activities!

tfw the goyim know

In response to this outrageous, stupid demand from the Jews, we here at the Daily Stormer are making the extremely reasonable demand that Montana ban Jews.

There is absolutely no logical or even close to logical reason for allowing Jews in a city, state or nation. In fact, there is no real reason to allow Jews on the planet earth.

I have been speaking with our anti-Jew comrades in Hamas, as we prepare to join hands in Whitefish and march against the Jews, and you just can’t even believe what these poor bastards are dealing with over there.

These Jews in Israel are just running around killing babies left and right!

They took their land!

Just went ahead and straight jacked it!

Can you believe it???

No wonder they’re so angry!

And if the Jews of Love Lives Here and The Montana Human Rights Network get a chance, they’re going to do to the people of Montana the same thing the Jews of Israel are doing to the Palestinians: slaughter them like dogs!

Montanans best wise up and get rid of these Jews before the hammer comes down and they end up getting their hospitals and markets destroyed by Jewish airstrikes!

Today, Gaza – Tomorrow, Montana???

Listen up, Montana: Jews will also use white phosphorous and other chemical weapons banned under international law against you, as soon as they get a chance!

Time to wise up!

Montana Standard:

In fact, the police chief said the city can place a condition that no loaded weapons be part of the event.

Thursday, The Daily Stormer posted a copy on its website of an “application for special event” permit signed and dated Jan. 2, 2017. The event was proposed for Jan. 16, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and titled with the name of King’s assassin, the “James Earl Ray Day Extravaganza.”

“You gotta give the guy credit for having a little bit of creativity, as vile as it might be,” Chief Dial said.

Thanks, Chief.

Dial seems like a pretty cool guy, and I don’t think he’s going to block us from keeping our weapons LOADED.

Along with the stated representative of Hamas, and representatives from France, UK, Germany and Greece, we are also proud to announce that the march will feature a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, who will be giving a speech updating American Alt-Right Nazis on how the country plans to thwart Israel and liberate the Palestinian people.

Currently, we have 178 skinheads being bussed in from the Bay Area on 6 large buses. Including international representatives, we will have a total of around 225 people marching through the city, though only about a third will be armed with machine guns. Others may carry baseball bats or swords, we haven’t decided yet.

I want to note that I have still not been contacted by the ACLU, indicating that this organization is now 100% a lapdog of the international Zionist hate machine.

We’re kicking 2017 off with a BANG!

And no, Jews, not the bang of guns. This is a 100% peaceful march. To insure that, we’re only allowing EXTREMELY VETTED skinheads and others to attend. We recognize the seriousness of all that could go wrong, but unlike the insane Jews who just run around doing anything to get money and Jew the goyim, we are responsible people.

This is the BANG of the goyim waking up and taking a stand against our RATFACED overlords!

The BANG of JUSTICE arisen!

Hail Victory.

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