Trolling the Media with My Own Style Guide

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 18, 2017

As you may have heard, the Huffington Post got a hold of super sekret Daily Stormer internal documents outlining a conspiracy to exterminate rat kikes like the rats that they are – using insecticide.

Brilliant female Jew Ashley Feinberg uncovered the mystery by infiltrating a super sekret chat room.

In the sekret chat, she uncovered the site’s style guide, which not only includes grammar, but also a plan to manipulate the media into feeding us hype as we weaponize internet culture to throw a revolution against the Jews who rule us.

And the result was the biggest news cycle that The Stormer has gotten since Charlottesville, praising us with faint damning as diabolical geniuses who had outsmarted the media… by forcing the media to cover us.

It even had “Daily Stormer” trending on Twitter for a spell.

Of course, the document wasn’t secret, and had been published on our forum over a year ago when we were recruiting writers. It was also distributed widely in .pdf form to anyone who asked for it. It was never meant to be a secret document – everything included in it is stuff that I have written about on this site, probably verbosely.

But “sekret dox” makes for a lot sexier a tale, which is what this guide needed.

Here’s the story.

Vox Day had a copy of this a while back, which he believed was a secret document. That made it clear that someone with a middle range IQ, who is not very familiar with the details of the site, and my openness about the tactics we use to manipulate people, would think this was a secret document.

So someone told me they thought there was a journalist prodding a chat room, and asked me if there was anything I wanted done with that. So I said, “yeah, post that style guide.”

I didn’t expect it to work as well as it did.

But yes.

I got mass mainstream media attention for a document about how to manipulate the mainstream media into giving me mass mainstream media attention.

Although it doesn’t pack as big of a punch as #PrayForMizzou or “busing in 200 skinheads and a member of Hamas for a 3 mile snow-march through Montana,” it is among the career accomplishments that I personally view as my greatest.

Part of this is just self-congratulations, sure. But more than that, the guide demonstrates to the naysayers within our own camp and the uninitiated alike that what we do on this site is serious business. We have goals and we are accomplishing those goals. Having it published in such a grandiose manner – by the entire media itself – proves definitively and undeniably that the methods laid out within the guide do work for their stated purpose. This is now something that intelligent people will be drawn to. Because here we are doing something intelligent. We are using the weight of an empire to collapse its foundations.

It also ups the ante in the culture war, directly. Like the “Fringe Insurgency” document (one of my other personally meaningful accomplishments), the publishing of this guide is a call for the media and Jews generally to attempt to devise a strategy to directly combat our strategy.

I feel very strongly that any such attempt will work in our favor. The “fake news” meme was in itself a primitive attempt to counter-meme, and that ended up being completely reversed on them, with all of their energy poured into attacking themselves.

Every escalation works in our favor, resulting in a raised profile, resulting in cultural credit, resulting in solidifying our position as the default youth culture. Like the Absorbing Man, we get stronger with every hit we take.

If the document is to be taken seriously and discussed, the obvious response would be to stop responding to us. But Jews cannot do nothing. I know that.

And if they somehow could do nothing, that would mean backing the fuck up off of me and letting me get my website back to normal and continue my steady growth rather than becoming an international celebrity super-villain.


And I was planning to publish the guide on the site this week anyway, as we’re doing a hiring push and I want people to follow it in their submissions. So it worked out great.

I’ll have the details about that up tomorrow. Until then, you can read the Daily Stormer writer’s guide over at Huffington Post.

Please read it while listening to the official song. 

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