Top Skeptic Jew “Kraut & Tea” Deletes Channel After Failed Jihad Against the Alt-Right

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 22, 2017

Some of you may remember that the “skeptics” community, which included people like Sargon of Akkad, TL;DR, Armored Skeptic, Kraut and Tea, as well a a host of others, entered something of a crisis a few months ago.

Their whole shtick has been, from the beginning, to autistically analyze SJW nonsense and explain why it’s wrong and stupid. It was initially good for laughs, but got tiresome pretty quickly. The problem now is that they’ve humiliated their targets so effectively and aggressively that the YouTube SJW crowd basically gave up and either switched sides or dropped out of making videos.

In other words, the skeptics are quickly running out of material. So a few months back, some of them proposed going after the Alt-Right next, as their new source of material. Most of them didn’t want to get involved with that, but some, like “Kraut and Tea,” actually went ahead with it and started “debunking” race realism.

Big mistake.

As it turns out, the Alt-Right is somewhat of a harder target than SJW’s, to say the least.

Every video that Kraut came out with was swiftly taken apart and rebutted by much better informed Alt-Righters. At first, Ryan Faulk of “The Alternative Hypothesis” did most of the heavy lifting, but a new rising star eventually came in as reinforcement.

Jean-Francois Gariépy, an Alt-Right biologist from Quebec, started coming out with incredibly detailed (and hilariously vicious) take downs of all of Kraut’s materials. Furthermore, his videos are long, comprehensive and came out at a rapid pace, making it very difficult for Kraut to even address any of it.

But Kraut, who’s admittedly part-Jewish, wasn’t ready to throw in the towel. He enlisted the help of various scientists to come on his channel and help him “debunk” Alt-Right arguments for racial differences, hoping that their insights would make up for his own ignorance.

No dice. They get owned just the same as he does.

As this process goes on, Kraut starts to slowly go insane. He loses all hope of actually winning the argument with superior rhetoric, and starts plotting a dark scheme.

Kraut creates a discord server for himself and his allies, where they start accumulating dox information on Jean-Francois and other Alt-Right Figures that are making Kraut look stupid. In fact, they were amassing a veritable encyclopedia of information about every major Alt-Right personality. The plan was to release “dirt” on them on a precise schedule, so as to coordinate a campaign to make Kraut look good and win the “optics” debate, if not the debate of arguments.

Pretty Jewy.

But here’s where things get interesting. We had a man on the inside – one of the scientists Kraut enlisted for his efforts was so disgusted by these kike tactics that he leaked audio recordings from the discord server to Jean-Francois Gariépy, who promptly released them and made an triumphant video.

The cliff’s notes are that the scientists would constantly tell Kraut “well, the problem is that they’re right about this…” instead of “debunking” our points. But the darkest secret revealed in these recordings is undoubtedly the shocking anti-French rhetoric, which showed Kraut to in fact be a unabashed bigot when it comes to the French race.


In any case, the plot to destroy the Alt-Right with Jew tricks was exposed, completely ruining Kraut’s reputation forever.

But he had one last desperate move to play. While his pawns were doing a false-flagging campaign against the revelation video (which successfully got the video shut down), he came out with a fake apology video, trying to salvage what was left of his dignity.

But even this was in vain, as more information was leaked which showed to everyone that he was lying in his insincere apology.

After this, Kraut basically fled from the internet.

As of now, his channel has been stripped of all content.

With 121k subs and a devout following, Kraut and Tea was considered by many to be the #2 skeptic on Youtube after Sargon of Akkad. And now he’s gone.

In other words, the first round in the battle of the Alt-Right against the “skeptics” is a resounding, unambiguous victory for us.

This comes roughly at the same time as another big-wig skeptic figure, Mouthy Buddha, did a series about the Jews. Initially, his goal was ostensibly to debunk anti-Semitism, but it seems the research he did on the question red-pilled him enough to turn him semi-insane.

Just look at the next video he published after his series on the Jews.


In fact, you can see him getting red-pilled in real time as he watches the Murdoch Murdoch video about him and other Skeptics.

So thus far, all the skeptic figures who start going against the Alt-Right either self-destruct or get red-pilled to the point where they can no longer function within the skeptic community.

That’s because it’s impossible to maintain a pretense of being “rational” and “objective” while debating people who actually have the facts and arguments on their side.

These skeptics have cut their teeth on debunking SJWs, who are basically mentally retarded. This gave them the idea that they’re godlike paragons of intellect and knowledge, and that they’ll blow away anyone who disagrees with their classical liberal ideology with similar ease.

In fact, we have much deeper thinkers on our side than they’re likely to find anywhere else – not to mention more accurate facts. Unlike the SJW’s, we welcome debate, because we’re fully confident in winning based on the merits of our arguments. This is not something they’re prepared for.

But I sure hope they keep trying.

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