South Africa: Jungle Monkeys CHIMP OUT on H&M Over Jungle Monkey T-Shirt

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 14, 2018

The shirt that set-off the Planet of the Apes revolution.

The key difference between these jungle monkeys and the ones referenced on the t-shirt is that these ones are not the least bit cool.

Also, for the sake of scientific accuracy, I think it is more accurate to call these “apes” rather than “monkeys.”


Anti-racism protesters stormed multiple H&M stores across South Africa Saturday, in response to an advertisement for the company’s children’s clothing they view as racist.

The protests were staged by members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) who trashed the H&M stores in Menlyn Park Shopping Center, Pretoria, East Rand Mall and Sandton City Shopping Center in Gauteng.

EFF protests were also reported at H&M stores in Gauteng’s Mall of the South and Mall of Africa, and at Clearwater Mall in Johannesburg.

H&M has faced an international backlash this week over an online advert which featured a black child wearing a hoodie reading “coolest monkey in the jungle”.

The Deputy President of EFF took to Twitter to praise the group’s members for “physically confronting racism”.

Each of the affected shopping centers confirmed the incidents, saying that while no injuries had been reported, security personnel at the malls remained on “high alert” in the wake of the protests.

“All the outlets of H&M in South Africa [were] allegedly targeted by EFF party members simultaneously,” read the statement from East Rand mall.

“The safety and security of our customers, staff and tenants is of utmost importance and the affected area has been secured by the South African Police Services (SAPS),” said Menlyn Park.

Gauteng police said they used rubber bullets to disperse the crowd at East Rand Mall and confirmed that all H&M stores have been closed in response. No arrests have been made.

This was a complete shitshow. A serious one. Like, these type of riots could lead to an extended period of unrest, mass death and attempts to overthrow the government.

Here’s a bunch of footage of these uncool monkeys.

The T-shirt wasn’t even sold in South Africa.

“Outrage Porn”

What the fuck are these people doing, asks ye?

Well, here’s the deal: white liberals like when the Jews put out “outrage porn” about some individual or organization who has ostensibly violated the Jewish social norms. They enjoy the opportunity to signal how virtuous they are, and feel good about themselves for standing up for what is socially correct.

It’s similar to throwing rotted fruit at criminals in a pillory.

That being said, in many or most of these cases, they don’t actually believe that things are as they say they are. They do not here for instance believe that H&M is a “racist” company that was purposefully trying to hurt the feelings of black people with the “coolest monkey in the jungle” ad. If you asked one of them, they would say that no, they don’t think it was purposeful, but they think that in current year companies should make a point to be more aware of things that could accidentally offend people of color.

But blacks do not understand that type of nuance. Black people are told “this ad is racist” and they assume that the reasoning behind the ad was that white people wanted to hurt their feelings. They picture a board meeting at H&M where a bunch of old white guys look at the ad and say “hahahahahah! this will get those stupid niggers good!”

So basically, the white liberals who play into this outrage porn industry – at least when it relates to colored people – are emotionally exploiting black people by presenting something that they aren’t able to understand, and declaring someone a villain when they know it was just a simple mistake.

Of course, they have been brainwashed to believe that blacks are just as intellectually capable as they are, so they assume that blacks also understand that the advertisement was just an accident which may or may not have been offensive to blacks if the Jews hadn’t pointed it out. Surely though, when they see these “people” rioting, they must think: “wow, that is a lot of anger over an accident by an advertiser.”

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