Paul Nehlen, Steve Bannon and the Shape of Things to Come

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 2, 2017

You probably noted that I hadn’t been writing about Paul Nehlen. I was trying to keep the Stormer name out of the discussion, but at this point it really doesn’t matter. Plus I’m not really going to say what the media would want me to say for a soundbyte anyway.

I have some things to add to this discussion that are much needed.

As you probably know even though we haven’t be writing about it here, Paul Nehlen, who is Paul Ryan’s challenger in the 1st district of Wisconsin, has had a very interesting Twitter feed as of late.

Just go ahead and scroll it a minute. I’ll wait.

So, yes.

This is a mainstream politician that is full-on.

Steve Bannon, who had supported him in 2016 and planned to support him in 2018, has effectively disavowed – because anti-Semitism.

Right now, there are two separate arguments being made in the right about what happened here:

  1. That Bannon was wrong to disavow and that what Nehlen did was good, and
  2. That Nehlen should have hidden his power level until after the 2018 election and that Bannon had no choice but to disavow, given that Nehlen has become non-viable as a candidate

(There is also the Richard Spencer position, which is that both Nehlen and Bannon did the wrong thing, which I personally found slightly contradictory but am willing to concede I may have missed some bit of nuance there.)

I can see both sides of the argument, but the element that it hinges on almost entirely is whether or not Bannonism is still viable following the Roy Moore defeat.

(For those who don’t know the term, “Bannonism” is the plan to oust cuckservative GOP candidates and replace them with hard-right Trump-supporting candidates in the primaries.)

Bannon obviously believes that Bannonism is still viable, so I can’t personally see why he would not disavow. His goal is to run candidates that can win, and you cannot win an election in 2018 – especially in that particularly cucked district of Wisconsin – when you are openly talking about Jews in the way that Nehlen is.

Assuming Bannonism is no longer viable, then Nehlen made a great move by accelerating things, shifting the Overton Window like it has never been shifted before.

A Future for Bannonism?

It’s worth nothing that Nehlen did not go full-on until after the Roy Moore loss.

In all likelihood, Bannonism is no longer viable. At least not on the scale that we were hoping for. Despite the fact that the jailbait claims were clearly a hoax, despite the fact that the GOP itself caused the defeat by turning on him, despite the fact that it appears as though there was widespread voter fraud, the fact remains that a Bannon candidate lost an election to a Democrat in one of the most Republican states in the country.

And the bottom line of why he lost was bad strategy. He didn’t focus on the core Trump issues and most importantly, he dealt horribly with the accusations – he came across as a liar, where there was clearly no reason to do so, because of a strategic gamble that I assume was Bannon’s call.

As I have said, he could have simply admitted to dating teenage girls and denied impropriety. People would have accepted that. And I genuinely believe it would have been the God’s honest truth. Instead, he tried to say he didn’t remember dating any teenage girls, and it was very, very weak.

Mitch McConnell and all of these people are out there declaring victory, saying that their establishment candidate, Luther Strange, would have won and this is obviously true. He would have won because he wouldn’t have been accused of this jailbait stuff, and if he had been, the GOP would have continued to support him rather than cutting ties and condemning him. What Mitch McConnell proved is that he and his people can and will destroy populist/rightist candidates.

I want to make it clear that I will continue to support Bannon’s efforts, 100%. I have no idea what it would look like to “turn on” him – there is zero potential negative effect of anything he is doing. If what he is doing fails then it fails, but we have nothing to lose by rallying for his candidates in the GOP primaries.

A Nehlenist Alternative

Nehlen is a Bannonist candidate who went hard on the Jews, and this demonstrates that the line between Bannon’s “economic nationalism” and actual real racial nationalism is very thin. Pushing to blur that line, as Nehlen has, is very beneficial to the overall agenda.

My job here at the Daily Stormer has always been to push the hard line of truth as far as I can push it. Running candidates who may not be intending to necessarily win elections on an openly pro-white and counter-Semitic platform could serve to force-radicalize the post-boomer mainstream of the GOP voter-base.

Furthermore, if the Alt-Right is running candidates in elections on an openly Alt-Right platform (which I believe should simply be referred to as “American Nationalism” in the context of American politics), this would serve as an excellent rallying point for the movement. Certainly a much better rallying point than black-clad marches through the streets with shields, which is not in my humble opinion a valid path forward.


The Alt-Right is still in the formative stages of building mass support. We are playing a long game here, just like the Jews. Virtually my entire focus over the last 5 years has been on people who are not yet old enough to vote.

For the time-being, if it is possible to elect candidates to office that are further right than the current government, we most definitely should. And if we can run ourselves for various local offices on a Trump platform without mentioning the Jews, that is also a good idea. But ultimately we do want something that is much bigger than Bannonism. And the key to that is education of the masses. Paul Nehlen is educating the masses. He is making it okay to be openly suspicious of the Jews. If we had just 50 Paul Nehlens come out and say what he has said, we would be 75% of the way to the finish line.

Trumpism is not and never was a long-term solution to any single problem, it was intended as a stopgap and a step in the right direction. The only real solution is to have tens of millions of white Americans fully understanding that the core of this country’s problems come from the Jewish race.

Because I’ve told you before and I will tell you again: nothing is going to happen unless we deal with these fucking Jews. There is no path to any kind of even some kind of half-victory where we somehow maneuver around the Jewish problem. To get to where we want to be, we have to go through the Jews.


Are there any objections to Paul Nehlen for king of American Nationalism?

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