New York: ICE Raiding Courtrooms Nonstop in Their Quest to Deport Every Last Invader

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2017

Even sanctuary cities aren’t safe for you, Pedro.

ICE is really easing into their roles as modern-day superheroes. They foil the bad guys at every turn, often with flair and panache.

Their arch-enemy, the perfidious sanctuary cities, thought they could keep them at bay simply by refusing to cooperate with them and sheltering the evil invaders from the long arm of justice.

But not to be undone, the brave heroes at ICE have changed tactics and now stalk the courts in these cities to arrest and deport potential illegals.

The Nation:

Last week, a Brooklyn court building became the latest flashpoint in Trump’s border war: Genaro Rojas-Hernandez, an undocumented immigrant, was at a criminal court for an unrelated assault charge, when he was arrested by ICE agents. The clash between federal immigration agents and a local criminal-justice process spoke to a new constitutional crisis unfolding in the city’s criminal-justice system.

New York’s immigrants don’t take the justice system lightly; whether they’re the accuser or the accused, municipal courtrooms are daunting and confusing. But under Trump, they’re especially dangerous. Since January, according to federal data, the New York City area’s courts have seen a striking 900 percent spike in the number of immigrants targeted by ICE immigration agents, seeking to take them into federal, not local-police, custody. Legal activists warn that Trump is attacking not only the rights of migrant communities but the central organ of constitutional justice.

Illegal immigrants don’t have rights, you retard. They’re criminals just by virtue of being here, not to mention that their lack of citizenship means they enjoy no constitutional protections. Laws are a covenant between the government and the people, and citizenship is the requirement to be a part of that covenant. Otherwise, the laws of every country in the world would apply to everyone in the world.

That wouldn’t be all bad, though…

Earning legal status within a country isn’t just a formality, it’s meant to create a contract between you and the government of that country; without it there’s nothing stopping the government from just kicking you out – or worse.

These immigrants come from all walks of life. They’re women seeking temporary protective orders, trafficking survivors, struggling parents dealing with family-court disputes. Municipal courts don’t deal with federal immigration law, but, by raiding local courts, ICE becomes judge, jury, and jailer for migrants dealing with anything from a traffic ticket to domestic violence.

That sounds pretty rad, tbh.

Judge, jury and jailor – sounds like the closest you’ll get to being a Judge is to join ICE.

The Immigrant Defense Project (IDP) has documented 112 ICE arrests and near-arrests in the New York area that have occurred since the start of the year, mostly in the five boroughs but also in outlying and suburban regions. Since both undocumented and authorized migrants can also be placed in deportation proceedings, IDP found that about 15 of those arrested were “legal”—primarily of green-card or visa holders.


Deport the legal ones, too! We don’t want ’em!

We need not only the courts, but hospitals, welfare offices and taco stands swarming with ICE agents ready to deport at the slightest suspicion. The lives of these illegals must be made into a hellish experience until they all just leave.

By this point, Trump should just divert most of the military’s budget to ICE. They’ve proven themselves to be a lot more competent and cunning at defending America.

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