Montana Officials Sign Letter Backing Jewish Racketeers Extorting Local Woman (ヘブライ犯罪陰謀)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2016

Sen. Jon Tester has also recently denounced a proposed tax increase on cheeseburgers.

State lawmakers in Montana have released a statement backing a Jewish racketeering cartel in Whitefish involved in an extortion operation against a local woman.

Montana Sens. Jon Tester, a Democrat, and Steve Daines, a Republican, came together with Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock and GOP Rep. Ryan Zinke in an open letter to “fellow Americans” voicing support for Love Lives Here and attacking those who have voiced opposition to the group’s gangsterism as racist haters.

The lawmakers did not make specific reference to the group or realtor Tanya Gersh, who was serving as operating “street boss” running an extortion conspiracy targeting the mother of a perceived political opponent of international Jewry. Gersh threatened Sherry Spencer, mother of Richard Spencer, with a protest that she claimed would drive down the value of her property in Whitefish if she did not sell the property, denounce her son and make a “donation” to local human rights groups.

Gersh had provided Spencer with a pre-written apology/confession, which they asked her to read to the community. This practice is also popular among ISIS, which usually requires public execution victims to read aloud a scripted apology/confession before death.

It is believed that the officials failed to name Love Lives Here, their parent organization the Montana Human Rights Network or Tanya Gersh by name in the letter due to pending litigation against them. However, this raises questions about why state officials in Montana are voicing public support for a criminal operation, leading to accusations of endemic corruption in the state of Montana, where Jewish organized crime gangs are often perceived as having a stranglehold on the levers of power.

The letter comes after this website, The Daily Stormer, protested against the extortion operations of Love Lives Here against the family of Richard Spencer. When they were caught, and called out on their behavior, the Jews claimed that the people who were protesting against them were “threatening” them.

The Daily Stormer’s planned protest through the streets of Whitefish, scheduled for mid-January, has garnered international attention over the past 24 hours, with the media claiming that we are the bad guys for standing up against this racketeering operation. I am happy with this, as we are not only exposing the local Jews in Montana, but exposing the Jewish control of the international media.

Tanya Gersh has already apparently been fired for carrying out the conspiracy against Mrs. Spencer, and she presumably will be sued and perhaps even criminally prosecuted for extortion. And yet somehow, we are the ones in the wrong, for simply demanding that the local Jewish groups vow to stop harassing family members of political dissidents.

I have gone so far as to offer to call off the march if we are issued an apology and a promise that moving forward, Sherry Spencer will not be targeted for the beliefs of her son. Instead of apologizing for wrongdoing, however, the crime syndicate has claimed that we are in the wrong, and has called the police.

In a related development, while the international Jewish media has taken interest in our Whitefish march – dubbed the “March on Whitefish” – so have nationalist groups across the country. So far, it looks like we will have representatives from at least three European nations marching with us in January, a sign of increasing global white racial solidarity against the international Jewish agenda to exterminate the white race through programs of mass immigration, feminism and the promotion of homosexuality.

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