March on Whitefish to be Postponed After Jewish Trickery

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2017

I have spoken at length with my lawyers – though the ACLU has yet to respond to my inquiry – and we’ve decided that due to the permit refusal by the city of Whitefish, we will need to postpone the planned march.

We will of course be rescheduling, probably for some time in February, and the march will be bigger and have more guns and special guests than we originally planned.

If we have to, we will march without a permit, but to do that on short notice is problematic.

It also appears that we probably have a lawsuit, given that their demand that we seek approval from every business on the march route violates our Constitutional rights.

Winning a federal lawsuit against the city would be an even bigger victory than the march itself.

I was greatly looking forward to confronting the state-sponsored “resistance.”

Look at these faggots.

(Official) Whitefish, MT Armed Fascist March. Jan. 16. from socialism

Can you believe they have the nerve to pretend they are rebels, as they come out to support the state and the most powerful people in the world against a people’s populist movement?

Are they not ashamed of being such complete tools?

If they want to defend the Jews, they should go join the IDF.

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