Jews Enlisting Civilians to Track Down and Deport Illegals – In Israel

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2017

Documentary reenactment of the Jewish deportation force.

Jews have all sorts of great ideas about how to efficiently get rid of brown people. It’s clear that this is a subject dear to their hearts, on which no expense can be spared.

But don’t forget, though.

This is only for the Jews.

If the goyim were to do the same things… Oh gawd.

The goyim must build bridges, not walls.

Never forget that.

Business Insider:

Israel will offer a cash reward to civilians who temporarily join a new government unit created to deport its asylum seekers.

The Population and Immigration Authority published a notice on Sunday that it will offer up to a 30,000 shekel bonus ($8,700) to citizens who become “inspectors” for the unit that manages asylum requests.

Probably paid for by American taxpayer money, I should add.

Incredible what you can accomplish when foreigners are paying all your expenses.

The ministry’s job ad states it is looking for 100 inspectors of on a temporary two-year basis starting March 2018.

Of these, 70 immigration inspectors will be hired for a two-month period to “carry out enforcement tasks against illegal aliens and their employers,” including the need to “locate, detain and monitor illegal persons.”

They’re getting civilians to track down and arrest illegals and their employers.

That’s a stunningly good idea. We need to implement this ASAP. And I have a feeling there’s a lot of people here who’d do this without any compensation, beyond the satisfaction of a day’s hard work stomping on beaners and traitors.

Also, 40 people will be hired for a 12 month contract to “conduct comprehensive questioning and investigation of asylum seekers.” Their duties will include receiving requests for political asylum and examining the “truthfulness” of the claims.

“Comprehensive questioning.”

Last week, the Authority announced it would be evacuating its main Holot detention center in the south within coming months. Those in the center were given notice they must either leave the country or face indefinite incarceration, reported Haaretz.

The government will also offer cash incentives for asylum seekers who leave willfully through a repatriation program called “Assisted Voluntary Return.” The program offers to assist asylum seekers — referred to as “infiltrators” — with purchasing a plane ticket, obtaining travel documents, protection from arrest and $3,500.

So, the way they’re doing it is like this:

  1. Get civilians to track down, arrest and interrogate invaders.
  2. Tell them they either leave or go to prison “indefinitely.”
  3. Offer cash incentives to leave before then.

Can you imagine what would happen if America implemented a similar system? I can. It would go something like this:

  1. All the brown people would leave.
  2. Jews would whine about it loudly.

In other words, only good things would come about.

So, President Trump, it seems like the Jews have found your solution to the whole “shithole countries” problem, huh?

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