ISIS Declares War on… Hamas!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 5, 2018

Imagine being so gaslit by the media that you read a headline that says “ISIS declares war on Hamas” and not thinking “huh. seems ISIS is doing the bidding of the Jews.”

There are apparently people who think it makes sense that an organization that continually fights exclusively for Israel is not controlled by Israel.


The Egyptian wing of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) has declared war on Hamas for failing to stop President Donald Trump’s Jerusalem declaration, in a new propaganda video released Wednesday that purports to show the execution of a man who ISIS claims worked with the Palestinian militant group’s armed wing. The nationality of the man is unclear.

The video aims to ratchet up tensions between the two radical Islamist groups.

In July 2015, ISIS released a video saying that it would overthrow Gaza’s “tyrants” for their perceived lack of religious fervor and lack of religious rulings in the coastal enclave.

Wednesday’s video shows a man on his knees in an orange jumpsuit, similar to those forced upon American and British hostages killed by the ISIS in Syria in 2014. Masked and armed men stand behind him, others are unmasked and stand in robes.

“Never surrender to them. Use explosives, silenced pistols and sticky bombs. Bomb their courts and their security locations, for these are the pillars of tyranny that prop up its throne,” said one of the militants, who is seen holding a knife.

Another militant steps forward and is shown shooting the man dead. The video says ISIS would defeat Hamas for allowing Trump to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel, as well as for its crackdown on small Salafi groups in Gaza.

The propaganda video shows images of Khaled Meshaal, the former Hamas leader who stepped down in April, alongside Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Iran has backed Hamas in recent years, arming its missile stocks and funding its tunnel network in the coastal enclave that reached into Israeli territory.

Honestly, I can’t even believe Newsweek is printing this.

Most news sites are not, because the whole thing is just so obvious.

Printing this without saying “Iran and Hezbollah have repeatedly accused ISIS of working for Israel…” is insane.

Also, not printing that Israel has an operating backchannel with ISIS and the one time ISIS attacked Israel they called them and apologized. Or that Israel has been sending medics to Golan to treat wounded ISIS soldiers.

But you don’t even need that context, do you?

This situation is as transparent as it possibly could be, to the point where it is laughable. I literally laughed outloud for a good minute straight when I read this headline.

This may be the most drastic instance of Jewish chutzpah that I have ever seen in my life.

The fact that the Jews themselves have to be laughing their asses off at this actually makes me respect them just a little tiny bit. It’s really like they’re just seeing how far they can push the goyim before they start knowing.

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