“I’m Not White – I’m Jewish”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2017

Just go ahead and watch this.

It’s a “slam poem” by some whiny little kikess talking about how her people are oppressed.

The richest ethnic group on the planet earth, and she’s whining about being oppressed. Control of the entire media, a global network of ethnic dominance over all Western governments, the ability to have people thrown in prison for questioning them, and this ratfaced cunt has the nerve to get up and talk about how you oppressed her.

And how white people are “privileged.”

That’s the story – that she looks white so people think she has privilege but actually she doesn’t because she’s the chosen people.

Dear Jews: this is why people hate you.

People dislike you because you are whiny and talk about how everyone is hurting you and owes you something.

People dislike you because you control other people’s countries and use their institutions to destroy their societies.

But it is those two things combined that create a boiling, vicious fucking hatred – this one-two punch has created a situation where millions of young white men want to do to you what you claim was done to you in the 1940s.

And I hope, Jews, you’re figuring out that this isn’t a joke.

Millions of normal middle class white kids literally want to fucking exterminate you wholesale like insects. And this number is rising exponentially, as you continue to dig your own graves – build your own gas chambers, if you will – by continuing to whine, continuing to abuse.

Crying out in pain as you strike us.

The more you cry and strike, the more the goyim notice.

So I want you keep doing exactly what you are doing: keep condemning us as evil, whining about how we oppress you, as you openly and viciously attempt to silence all criticism and violently punish anyone who questions you.

Because my goal is to wipe you off the fucking planet.

To make it as though you never existed.

If I were you though Jews, I would seriously start considering drafting up a heartfelt apology.

Because the wolves are at the door. 


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