#HoaxGate: Neo-Nazi Brain Tumor Now Being Blamed for Jewish Center Bomb Threats

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 31, 2017

After days of radio silence in Jew-for-Gentile media outlets, an update on #Hoaxgate has finally emerged: the Israeli teenager wasn’t part of a Jewish power play in the form of criminal conspiracy, but actually an individual with autism and a Daily Stormer reading brain tumor.

The interesting thing is that news sources don’t even consistently report his age; AFP says he’s 18, while the JTA says 19. The Israeli government is being very cagey about exactly who this person is, why his father has been put under house arrest, and every other detail of the investigation.

The man in question fills the profile of a fall guy. It’s very likely that a network goaded or enabled this young man in his calls – the question is whether it was official (the Israeli government) or unofficial (the many Jewish organizations operating worldwide). The court could full well find mitigating circumstances and give him a slap on the wrist unless Trump makes his FBI agents pursue all the leads in the case to the ends of the earth.

Times of Israel:

An Israeli-American teen suspected of calling in hundreds of fake bomb threats against Jewish community centers and other institutions in the US was ordered to remain behind bars for an additional week on Thursday, as his lawyer said a brain tumor may have caused his behavior.

The 18-year-old from Ashkelon is facing charges of extortion, making threats, publishing false information and is accused of sowing widespread fear and panic.

The suspect’s father, who was detained by police along with his son over suspicions he turned a blind eye to his son’s illegal activities, was released by the Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court to house arrest.

The name of the suspect is under gag order and details about him or his possible motive remain unclear.

His lawyer, Shira Nir, told the court the 18-year-old suffers from a non-malignant brain tumor that causes behavioral issues, and may have led him to wrongdoing through no fault of his own.

She showed the court an image of what appeared to be a tumor on the right side of his brain, but gave no medical details.

“The tumor is in a place where it’s very dangerous to operate,” she told the court, while also saying he suffered from autism.

“He’s as smart as an adult of 50-plus, with the behavior of a 5-year-old,” she said after the hearing.

I’m no doctor, but to dismiss this two year long and highly premeditated spree of false flags as the behavior of a mental five year old is absurd.  Clearly, if this person was indeed behind all the logistics in the operation, his brain tumor isn’t enough of a barrier to pull off such a feat.

All these coincidences are starting to look more and more like cohencidences. Will the Jews get away with acting like this never happened, that they didn’t scam Gentiles out of all types of cash and for political favors? Not if we can help it.

All kinds of Jewish groups met with Jeff Sessions to discuss the arrest, but the DoJ has yet to do a press conference or publicly opine on what could easily be referred to as the hoax of the decade.

We must continue demanding the full truth, starting the name and professional associations of the father.

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