Evil Jew Homosexual Matt Drudge Gloats Over Moore Loss!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 13, 2017

Matt Drudge wants people to think he is a “conservative” because he is filling that niche for his tribe.

But the Trump phenomenon – particularly Bannonism – is getting a little bit too close to the throat of the Jew tribe – so Drudge spent the entirety of the run-up to yesterday’s special election shilling against Roy Moore.

Now he comes out and says Moore was crazy and Luther Strange would have won.

Well, of course Luther Strange would have won – because the entire media wouldn’t have hoaxed sex scandals against him. And even if they had, the traitor GOP establishment wouldn’t have organized and assault on him.

Drudge himself, running one of the most viewed “conservative” websites in the country, could have swayed the election personally. As a single individual.

He is right now out there gloating about it.

I hope this kike dies of AIDS quickly, because this is the last thing we need.

I have never really even understood why his shit site is so popular. Yeah, I get that it’s become an institution, but why are there no competitors? Why are conservatives so lazy?

You can’t even read it on a phone. How, in the current year, is there not a mobile version of the site?

How is that even possible?

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