Dubai: British Man Jailed for Complaining About Getting Ripped-Off on Used Car in WhatsApp Message

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2018

You will be subjected to different laws if you are white in a Moslem country. This is a fact.

You have to be very careful in these places, especially in countries that hate white people strongly. I would recommend staying out of the Arab world completely. Morocco is safe enough, given that they have a massive tourism industry, but you can still get into a weird situation. But if you just want to see how these monkeys live – and I understand that drive, I’ve been to all of these countries myself – Morocco is safest.

Dubai and Abu Dabi advertise themselves as places for tourists, but they are actually significantly less safe for whites than poor Arab countries.


A British real estate agent has been jailed for sending a WhatsApp message to a dodgy car salesman after he was swindled out of £6000. He asked the car dealer “how do you sleep at night?”

Kingston man Yaseen Killick, 29, spent £6000 on a second-hand Volkswagen Golf – only for the vehicle to break down hours later. Killick then discovered the car had previously been written off, so he sent the dodgy dealer an angry message on WhatsApp.

“How do you sleep at night knowing you’re ripping people off?” Killick wrote in the message. Killick also threatened to take the car salesman to court over the dodgy deal and said that selling the car to him was “morally wrong.”

Yeah see, there’s your problem.

These people believe it is MORAL to rip you off. It isn’t even neutral. Their belief system actually says that rape, violence and robbery against members of an outgroup is RIGHTEOUS.

But that certainly wasn’t the end of it. The car dealer complained to police over the threatening message, which resulted in Killick’s arrest at Dubai airport where he and his wife were trying to board a flight back to the UK to spend Christmas with relatives.

He spent three weeks in prison over Christmas, was fined £1000 and given “beans, pumpkins and lentils” on Christmas Day. To make matters worse, when he was released from prison he was booted out of the country.

Why would that make matters worse?

He also slammed the British Embassy, calling the diplomatic service “useless.”

It would have been racist for them to help you, m8.

Abusing whites is part of the vibrant cultural heritage of the haji people.

Killick’s partner Robyn, 31, said the ordeal had been a nightmare: “We have lost our home and our jobs and it’s been horrible all over this guy ripping us off and we are so badly out of pocket,” she said. “We went there to try as a last adventure before coming back to England and getting married and starting a family.”

Killick told the Sun that “It was a nightmare. The prison conditions were horrific. I was treated appallingly – all for sending a WhatsApp message.”


That’s pretty funny tho.

But people are raised to believe that Arabs are human beings with morals, and this is what you’re going to get as a result.

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