DramaQuest 2018: Mike Enoch Debates Antifa on Race Warski While Sargon Scrambles to Figure Out His Beliefs

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 12, 2018

JF is now in studio with Andy Race Warski and their first show featured our good buddy Mike Enoch debating some random antifa blogger, a whiny cuck guy and a fat loser.

The show is worth watching if you have time, but not if you don’t have that much time.

Mike was great as always but there was nothing at all interesting coming from the antifa guy. I had never really heard an antifa, and apparently this guy is a celebrity of some sort in their movement, so I was sort of excited to see what he had.

But it was just more jibba-jabba.

He just threw out a bunch of buzzwords. He did admit that the reason they commit violence against us is that they know our ideas will spread if we are allowed to share them – but then didn’t really have anything deeper than that.

Honestly, Antifa gets talked about more than they should be talked about. They aren’t really any kind of relevant political force. Everyone in the mainstream hates them almost as much as we hate them simply because they go to towns and create havoc on the streets, which is a behavior pattern that is seen as anti-social.

I have said before that we need to avoid engaging them, as when we do, the public doesn’t look at “who started it,” but just sees two groups of people involved in street warfare and in response feels hatred.

Obviously I know that it’s them that come after us, so we can’t totally avoid conflict with them, but I also know we’ve got guys who like going out and fighting these faggots and though I understand that it is something we need to avoid.

Moving On.

In perhaps more interesting news, Sargon of Akkad did a stream trying to figure out what the fuck he believes in.

It did not go well.

Basically, he has a few vague “principles” that on their face no one could really disagree with. And he doesn’t elaborate on any details. He says that fleshing out the concepts at all would amount to “policy,” which he isn’t interested in. You can just click to any spot on that stream and listen to him rambling, confusedly, with a bunch of gibbering sycophants chiming in with irrelevant nonsense.

The people in the chat with him are all dumb as fuck and have nothing at all interesting or even coherant to contribute. Imagine an Alt-Right stream being this boring and pointless. You can’t imagine it, because even when we are not at the top of our game, we are at least saying something coherent and meaningful because we have actual ideas around which to form thoughts.

Apparently everyone is attacking him over this, and he says that no one is disagreeing with the principles – but that is sort of the point.

No one disagrees with the idea that people should have freedoms and rights. You’re not going to really find anyone in the world who says that people shouldn’t have some form of those two things.

The point is that you cannot build a political movement on simplistic generalizations that have no real world context.

The only smart guy on the show comes on late in the stream and says “we need to have some goal that we are striving for…”

And Sargon is like “yeah, we’ll have to vote on that.”


The one thing that is specific is the one thing that you could out and out dismiss as fucking stupid, and that is the idea that an individual is more important than a group.

Is a group not made up of individuals?

And how can a single individual be more important than a group of individuals? If you had to choose between saving one person and saving a group of people, which would you choose?

What he is trying to get at is that he is against identity politics, of course. And that is also stupid. Because you aren’t going to convince blacks or Moslems or homosexuals or women to give up identity politics. So if you give them up yourself, all you are doing is bringing a dildo to a gun fight.




Is his actual argument that he is going to convince 80 IQ Moslems to surrender their ancient cultural identity because of the abstract notion of the primacy of the individual? While admitting that they have nothing to gain from it, and the sole purpose of the surrender would be so he can build a fantasy perfect society of allegedly self-actualized independent agents? I guarantee you that he couldn’t convince .01% of Eastern Europeans to do that. How is he going to convince brown people?

This is a YouTuber who was edgy in 2014 and got popular for pointing out the stupidity of the stupidest people in the world, got a big head, and now thinks he’s going to lead a “restore the 1990s” revolution movement.

I almost feel bad at this point. Breaking down this guy’s arguments is like beating up a baby.

Sargon v. Enoch

The real moment of truth comes next week when Sargon faces off against Mike Enoch.

Sargon has already agreed and can’t back out now.

This is the end of his movement.

Nipped in the bud before it ever grew tits.

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