Christopher Cantwell Granted Bond! Out Soon!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 5, 2017

On Monday, white civil rights activist Christopher Cantwell was finally granted bail – after 101 days – in Charlotteville.

25,000 smackers.

The news was announced on his podcast Monday evening.

He has been rotting in a cell in that evil city since he was randomly accused by a deranged tranny of spraying mace indiscriminately.

Regrettably – for him – he has to remain in Virginia until his trial, which means – I don’t know what that means. He’ll have to get an apartment, I guess. Or you know. One of you guys in the area could let him crash on your couch. I’m sure he’s an interesting house guest.

And you could do a YouTube reality TV series about it. I’m sure he has some good catchphrases and so on. You could probably get rich from this.

Anyway, he’s still in jail at time of writing. As I understand it, that’s just on a technicality and the fact that he’s got no place to actually go (I think you’re not allowed to leave jail directly for a motel).

I’ll be talking to him soon I’m sure (he couldn’t call me when he was in jail because I live in Nigeria), and get some more details.

It’s a super-exciting development.

All kinds of exciting developments.

We’ve got American flags at rallies, we’ve got Alt-Lite sluts admitting to nigger-fucking and thus permanently destroying the Alt-Thot brand (and probably the entire concept of the Alt-Lite), we’ve got a Cantwell on the loose – not to mention my motion to dismiss! – we’ve got all kinds of beautiful things happening here these days.

They hit us hard after Charlottesville.

But we are going to be all the stronger for it.

Hail Victory. 

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