Charlottesville: Innocent Victim of Hate Crime Deandre Harris Catches New Gun and Drug Charges

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2018

After the August 12th rally in Charlottesville, Deandre Harris and other black men wielding bats and clubs followed nationalists leaving the demonstration to a parking garage, where the whites sought to retrieve their vehicles.

When the black gang attacked, the nationalists fought back and kicked the shit out of them. The black criminals ran like Manute Bol clutching their oversized pants and crying for mommy. For the first time in their lives, these predators met white men that will punch back.

But in the city of Charlottesville, defending your life from a black person is a crime.

The individuals who defended themselves from Deandre Harris’ attack are now being cruelly punished after the kangaroo courts denied them bail. Harris himself was filmed initiating the violence, but it took a lawyer to file charges because the corrupt police and state refused to investigate.

The state of Cville predictably let Harris out on bond because they politically agree with his crimes. Now Harris has been pinched again for driving high while transporting a hidden AR-15 in his car.

CBS 19:

The victim of a brutal beating on Aug. 12, who is also facing a misdemeanor assault charge from that same day, now has two new charges stemming from a traffic stop in Southampton County.

According to Major G.H. Drewery with the Southampton Sheriff’s Office, Deandre Harris was pulled over for speeding at around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Drewery said the officer detected the odor of what he believed to be marijuana and subsequently searched the vehicle Harris was driving. In addition to a small quantity of marijuana, the officer found a loaded AR-15 rifle under a coat on the back seat.

Harris is facing a misdemeanor concealed weapon charge and a second misdemeanor charge for transporting a loaded weapon. Drewery said he will not be charged for the marijuana.

Harris as you may recall got a big payday from white liberal rubes opening up their wallets on GoFundMe.

6,241 people gave him a total of $166,045.

I think that’s great. Deandre is spending all that money on luxury cars, guns and drugs. Having this much political money wasted is less money white liberals and celebrities will give to white and Jew Antifas to put towards a political use.

Money well-spent!

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