Canadian Conspiracy Theorist Talk Radio Host Fired by Jewish Conspiracy for Talking About Jewish Conspiracy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 17, 2017

I used to be into the conspiracy scene, way back when. I have listened to Spaceman a few times.

Strangely, Gary Bell was an exact parallel of the American Art Bell. Same style of delivery, same topics choices. He even has a similar voice. They are allegedly not related (could be a conspiracy tho).

I haven’t listened to the November 11th episode, but I would assume it was just “we’ve talked about every other conspiracy theory, let’s talk about the Jewish conspiracy theory.”

And of course, after literally decades of illuminati-freemason-reptillian-UFO talk, he is immediately kicked off the air for saying the word “Jew.”

Surely, that will make illuminati conspiracy theorists take pause – because there most certainly is a power that cannot be named.

The Star:

Citing complaints of anti-Semitic content on a Nov. 11 episode, Corus Entertainment has fired veteran broadcaster Gary Bell, ending his weekly Saturday night radio show on AM640.

“I can confirm that Mr. Bell has been terminated from his employment with AM640 and Corus Entertainment,” said company spokesperson Rishma Govani.

“We sincerely apologize to our listeners and anyone else who was offended by Mr. Bell’s egregious comments. Corus Radio recognizes that our broadcast licences are a privilege. Therefore we are taking strong and immediate steps to ensure such an incident at is never repeated,” Govani added.

The show, entitled A View From Space, featured commentary from Bell, a.k.a. Spaceman, on conspiracy theories. The show ran from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. during the NHL season and from 8 p.m. to midnight in the off-season; a digital archive of episodes online stretches back to 2004.

He has been on the air since the 1970s.

And this is how he goes out.

Saying the J-word.

Surely, the Jews understand that when someone suggests you might be part of a conspiracy, you don’t respond by openly engaging in a conspiracy to silence them.

At this point, there is very little left of the old conspiracy movement, as everyone in it understands that the Jews are responsible for everything. And once you understand that, you don’t need the theories: you can just use the facts.

Alex Jones, king conspiracy himself, had to abandon the movement and move into more mainstream Fox News talking points (with a little bit of spice). But he’s struggling to find a niche, given that he isn’t as far right as Tucker Carlson.

Coast to Coast AM has now moved into new agey spiritualism stuff almost exclusively (along with holding down the UFO niche, which will exist regardless).

Looking at it in retrospect, the conspiracy movement was made-up of a lot of Jews alongside the conmen (Jones) and genuine crazies (William Cooper). It existed as an extremely profitable way to confuse the goyim with gibberish as they searched for answers as to why the world is so messed up.

It’s good it’s gone now. A relic like Spaceman losing his job for mentioning Jews is a fitting end.

I suppose Spaceman will just come back on internet radio (Rense will have him), but if he does, he’s going to have to talk about Jews.

Here’s the episode in question.

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