Big Nibba Harvard Jew Professor Admits the Alt-Right is Right About Everything

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 9, 2018

Steven “Race War Now” Pinker has spilled the beans about his secret admiration for the Alt-Right.

In front of a panel, the Harvard Psychology professor just couldn’t hold it in anymore and revealed his power level.

Steve lets it all hang out and points out that niggers are subhuman violent savages that are a menace to themselves and the rest of society. He even goes a step further and says that sand-niggers are the leading cause of allahu ackbaring in the White World.

Great stuff, professor – knew you’d come around.

But he had his audience and his fellow panelists reeling from the HateFacts.

When dat red pill hits you

Now I know what you’re thinking, “what do we care what some kike thinks of us?”

Well, the truth is that until a “respectable” Jew gives us their approval, none of our opinions matter.

Because we’re all inbred hillbillies and rednecks here on the Alt-Right…

This is despite having the exact same beliefs as former presidents, Founding Fathers and great men the world over. None of that matters. We are just unintelligent proles according to shitlibs and boomers.

BUT, now that we have Professor Jew admitting that what we say is true, it automatically¬†becomes¬†true, don’cha know.

Them’s just the rules, lads.

And Steve Pinker has finally given us the legitimacy that we crave and so richly deserve. The best part is that he’s just a sign of the things to come.

Jews are clever enough to know when the tide is changing and where the winds are blowing. He’s only saying all these nice things about us because he understands that we da counter-culture now, and that the liberals’ time is up. He’s a bit behind based Jews like Stephen “Our Kike” Miller, but he’s hedging his bets now too.

He thinks we’ll give him a¬†48 hour head start when we rev up the ovens.¬†

I say that we oblige the poor guy. He’s earned it.

And I know some of you might go and watch the full video from the conference and see that he’s trying to make some highfalutin big nibba point about how the J-Left can’t just keep censoring facts, but has to come up with cleverer ways to explain them away so that curious minds don’t get red-pilled, but you’re just not seeing the big picture here.

Steve “Put Me In The Oven Last” Pinker is admitting that the J-Left has gone too far and that intelligent minds have started to rebel against their PC dogma.

He hopes to get the commissars to change course before its too late and the backlash against having to accept 65 different genders and constant snackbar attacks grows too strong.

But do you see anybody else on that panel ready to admit that trannies shouldn’t be teaching our kids and that blacks are getting too uppity for their own good?

I sure don’t.

Steve is freaking out and trying to get the gullible golem-goys to tone down the kike rhetoric that he and his tribe have already put in their minds.

We’re pushing too hard too fast…stahhhhp

He knows his pleas will fall on deaf ears. And that’s why he’s trying so hard to flatter us now.

You gotta learn to read between the lines here and see the white flag waving in his beady little kike eyes.

It’s a sight for sore eyes indeed.

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