Alt-Lite Shills are Aggressively Shilling for War in Iran

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2017

The Alt-Lite has officially jumped the shark.

They are now aggressively shilling for a war in Iran.

They are endorsing it as “a real feminist revolution.”

No shit. 

I am honestly relatively shocked. I didn’t see this coming.

It’s surreal to see it. Every single one of these people knows that this is a JEWISH plot. They are just lying to the goyim, because they know where their money comes from.

The cynicism of purposefully lying to people who are trying to change society in order to grab cash is staggering. There is a special place in hell for these people.

Paul Joseph Watson

Jack Posobiec (“Ratfucker Jack”)

Mike Cernovich

Stefan Molyneux

This guy is literally fucking crying.

And you can go check their feeds. They are all filled with this shit. They are mass retweeting pro-revolution material mixed with these deranged kookspiracy claims that the “deep state” is opposed to the Iranian revolution.

I just really can’t even.

Once again, to anyone who does not get this: the overwhelming majority of the Iranian people support the government. If there is a revolution, it is going to turn into a civil war, exactly as we saw all across the Islamic world. This is the exact same thing that happened all across the Islamic world during the so-called “Arab Spring.” This event is manufactured by the Jews to make up for the loss of the war in Syria – in particular, because Iran was building military bases in that country, under the protection of Russia.

A civil war in Iran almost certainly means a world war. Everyone knows this.

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