African Migrants Doing Ritual Animal Sacrifices to Get Magic Power to Make It to Europe

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 7, 2017

Is there anyone who didn’t simply assume that this was happening?

The shocking part is not that it is happening, but that it appears to be working.

Il Giornale:

Migrants fear the voyage that will bring them to Italy. Especially Nigerians. So they often turn to magicians and magic to propitiate the crossing, with voodoo rituals that they also bring with them once they are in Italy.

La Verità describes the practice. The migrants address the goddess of water, Mammy Water, also called Mami Wata. The ritual involves running around with bare chest with a chicken with its throat cut and a bell in hand. Then witchcraft, hypnosis and other rituals. According to the reporting of Alberto Cicala, this reduces “fear during journeys to other countries, renders the emigrant unbeatable, for good and ill. The ritual calls on the spirits that sleep inside the waters of the river, warning that if you disobey the ritual oath, you will suffer madness until death.”

A long and elaborate ritual which in a certain way ensnares the young men seeking their fortune in Europe.. “The native doctor,” writes La Verità,” starts calling the person on his knees in front of him by name and as in a prayer he calls out responses to all the declarations recited. Shells and pebbles are thrown on the ground, while a tuft of hair is cut from the victim with a razor blade and a sample of blood is taken from a finger then collected in a handkerchief. The ritual continues until the individual falls into a trance induced by alcohol (gin and powders made up of the roots of various medicinal trees) and the emotional charge that is progressively instilled, in between the fumes of incense and alcoholic exhalations. The witch doctors spit a compound they have prepared in advance into the face of the victim and from that moment the bond is sealed.”

I think maybe we should start making ritual chicken sacrifices for Pappy Shark.

Give him a bit of a magic boost.

Translation via Diversity Macht Frei.

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