ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt Pens Heartfelt Letter to Andrew Anglin, Apologizes for Jew Prank Call Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2017

Jonathan Greenblatt

I am touched to announce that the ADL’s Jonathan Greenblatt has sent me a heartfelt letter, apologizing for having insulted me for saying a Jew had likely done the synagogue prank phone call spree.

It was revealed yesterday that the calls were done by an Israeli Jew.

Greenblatt has agreed to let me share his letter with my readership:

Dear Mr. Anglin,

On behalf of the ADL and the entirety of international Jewry, I want to issue my most sincere apology for having insulted you when you stated that it was most likely a Jew who had made the bomb threat hoaxes to Jewish centers across the country, and to the ADL offices.

We sincerely believed that these hoaxes were being perpetrated by White Supremacist Neo-Nazis like yourself, and so genuinely believed that by accusing you publicly, and then by further accusing you when you claimed it was likely a Jew, while also attacking President Trump and accusing him of anti-Semitism, then also attacking him further when he said it was likely a Jew responsible, that we were doing the right thing to protect our community.

But as it turns out, you and the President were right and we were wrong.

This is going to be a time of deep soul-searching for myself, my organization and international Jewry as a whole, as we attempt to examine the clear misconceptions we have about the nature of anti-Semitism. Though I will never be on-board with a Nazi-type agenda such as the one you present, it may very well be true that much of the anti-Semitism we see in the world is either a hoax staged by Jews in order to create sympathy for the Jewish people, or a result of Jewish behavior patterns.

We hope that in the future, people like yourself will be willing to work with us as we examine the real causes of anti-Semitism, and by understanding these causes, are able to finally do away with it.

I am willing to meet you half way.

Again, I am so, so sorry.


Jonathan Greenblatt
National Director and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League



This is really, really encouraging.

Since receiving the letter, I have spoken to Mr. Greenblatt on the phone, and we will be arranging a meeting in New York sometime in mid-April to discuss how we can work together to identify the Jewish behaviors which are causing anti-Semitism.

We are hoping that other prominent Jews involved in the anti-Semitism industry, such as Richard Cohen of the SPLC, will agree to join us. I have spoken already to Dr. David Duke, who is ecstatic about getting an opportunity to explain to the Jews why people hate them, and has agreed to attend the meeting next month in New York.

Mr. Greenblatt and I also agreed to co-author a report about what Jews can do to stop anti-Semitism.

What’s more, this morning I received a gift basket from the Jewish Daily Forward’s Sam Kestenbaum, who was the main Jew attacking this website, Dr. Duke and President Trump for claiming that these prank calls were a hoax done by Jews.

The basket contained four tickets to IMAX, and Kestenbaum wrote on his note “you can take the kids to see Beauty and the Beast :),” apparently a jokey reference to my assertion that this Disney film is a part of a Jewish conspiracy to homosexualize white children.

Just this morning Kestenbaum called me, and has agreed to attend our April meeting, joking that “I am a Jew, so you’re going to have to pay for my slice of humble pie.”

For my part, I don’t expect Jews to stop being Jews, but it would be wrong not to take this opportunity to speak to them directly about the issues I have with their collective behavior.

I will be speaking to the Red Ice team about potentially covering our NYC meeting. It is certainly going to be historic.


Just to be clear, this article was meant to be humorous.

I was not actually contacted by Jews offering apologies. I had assumed this would have been self-evident, but a couple people in the comments seemed maybe a bit confused.

For a more serious take on this thing, check out this article I just wrote.

I’m also told we’ll have a Striker effortpost on these developments up tomorrow.

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